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i’m just reblogging this for how pERFECT the use of that gif was



i’m just reblogging this for how pERFECT the use of that gif was

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  • Shippers: Dean and Cas are so in love!
  • Some Writers: NO!
  • Misha: YES and they should kiss they are totally in love I'm on board bring it on you're not crazy
  • Other writers: Mhmm...maybe.
  • Jared: No. This is not what the show is about yadda yadda
  • Some other writers: I don't know...we can't say...we're not sure
  • Jensen: No! NO. Guys they are just friends
  • Writers: Its up for interpretation...we can't confirm nor deny anything...
  • Metatron: He's in love...
  • shippers: yes yes omg it's happening
  • Metatron: ...with humanity
  • Jensen: They are just war buddies. But also soulmates, ya know?
  • MIsha: Cas has a Dean fetish.
  • Shippers: ...
  • Shippers: I quit.


"Love, and heartbreak…and love."

Thank you, Jeremy Carver, for the reminder that we’re only halfway through the story.

The heartbreak and loss is immense, for the characters and for us, but there is still hope.

There is still “…love.”



Sam Winchester’s Journal – Entry #59

Some things are not meant to happen.

Today, I thought I’d finally take my revenge on Gadreel, that I’d get a chance to make him pay, blow after blow, for what he’s done, but now I’ll have to wait. The son of a bitch suddenly became a valuable bargaining chip in a deal set by Metatron himself and unfortunately, it was an offer we couldn’t refuse: Gadreel’s life against Castiel’s. I wasn’t keen on letting the angel go but between revenge and friendship, the choice was quickly made.

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I had to edit the post and upload the art in two parts because it was blurry (too big apparently). For the full size version, you can go here.


Let us all take a moment and appreciate the true stars of Season 9.


And who gives a story meaning? Is it the writer? Or you?


Berens is so on point with his characterization of everyone though. He writes Dean as intelligent while being goofy, and Sam as sometimes cold and unreceptive but not heartless, and Cas as both soft and a badass.

I can’t praise that enough about this episode because while I think the story was mediocre, which is really a complaint more about the season in general, his characterizations of everyone continue to be flawless.

I couldn’t express how happy I was to see how Dean used good vocabulary, and that Sam was actually himself (aka not an emotional sob just to placate), and Cas was able to have free agency for once.

supernatural + places

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They’re here, now, in the bunker. Home.
—Best birthday ever.

Happy birthday, Dean Winchester.


can i just put this here?


can i just put this here?

work with Angel vs work with Demon