"They would take a bullet for each other."
— Tyler Hoechlin about Derek and Stiles (x)


hesitation: a delay due to uncertainty or fear.

It’s been minutes, precious minutes, since Stiles has been trying to wake up Derek. The palm of his hand hurts and there are still no signs of Derek waking up. His voice too rough from yelling Derek’s name over and over again. Stiles’ mind travels back to that first time he had to help Derek. “He’s not waking up. I think he’s dying. I think he’s dead!" Part of him wants to return to that moment when everything was simpler and Scott was right there. But part of him doesn’t, because this man beneath him is not the same from one year go. Even he is not the same anymore. They’re not the same anymore. Stiles can continue to slap Derek or go back. It’s scary, because he wants to keep moving forward. While a slap won’t work, a punch might. But a punch also hurts and they’re past that a long time ago. Stiles hesitates, but in the end… he’s forced to go back because he doesn’t want to lose yet another person in his life.

Derek stops him and doesn’t let him go.

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#Can we talk about Stiles silently telling Derek to be careful by touching his hand and Derek looking back at him like, ‘Yeah, you too.’


#Don’t joke about my future father-in-law like that #Derek Smash

I love how Stiles just casually steps back before Derek throws the table, just like, “Go get her, baby.”


all it took was one look at stiles to know that there is no way they could be lying.

Derek who has seen stiles be sarcastic, and snippy, and annoying. Has seen this kid get frightened and has seen him fight along side scott and himself against werewolves that are so much stronger then him. Stiles who held him up when he was paralyzed in 8 feet of water all by himself

he has never, ever seen stiles look so sad, and broken as he did right here. This boy who wants nothing but his only parent back.

All it took was stiles for derek to truly believe. 

and I dont even just mean this as a sterek moment, but even just a relationship development even just in the sense that Derek & Stiles, have come a long way from just hating each other… Idk if they will ever be romantically involved I personally would be thrilled but who knows right?

Im just saying you cannot deny that these two characters are growing and are headed down a path to at least a weird friendship.. thats all im saying  

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a thin line between
love and hate


This Sterek scene is  e v e r y t h i n g

Dylan: At least [Derek] has a bed.
Tyler: I think that’s why Derek has been so cranky in the first two seasons. [x]


An upgrade to the original post:

parallels s1 & s3: that one time Scott and Stiles thought Derek was dead and the first time Stiles saw him again.

#bless this development


There’s so many things to talk about in this scene but I’m stuck on Stiles’ hands

How you can see the hesitation when he reaches out (and maybe almost pulls back) before gingerly placing his hand on Derek’s shoulder. Then once he’s sure his touch won’t get him maimed/be rebuffed he visibly grips and doesn’t let go. 

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