It been a thousand years since the Winchester brothers died.  Earth has moved on, other Hunters have taken up the mantle.  But in Lawrence, Kansas there sits a Chevy Imapal that should have disintegrated forver ago, but is kept alive by the love of one angel in memory of the boys who drove it.

Castiel keeps the Impala safe from age; he’s that odd angel who lives on earth, still wearing a trenchcoat and an old amulet.  But when the Almighty creates new angels to replace the one’s lost in the wars, Castiel always takes them to the Impala.

“This is the story of the apocalypse that wasn’t, and of free will.  This is the story of the two humans who stood against heaven and hell.”

He tells the new angels of Sam, who was always destined to be evil, but fought to be good.  And he tells them of Bobby Singer, the old, gruff, wise man.  And always, when he talks of Dean Winchester, Castiel cries, just a few tears.

The angels always go looking in Heaven, wanting to visit the famed Winchesters, but they never find them.  A few look in Hell, but the brother’s aren’t there either.  Eventually a rumor springs up that Castiel gave the brother’s one final gift.

They say, that in that old chevy Impala, the boys are still riding with their angel.


Always happy to bleed for the Winchesters


He’s crying. He’s. Fucking. Crying. I’ll NEVER get over it, okay?




He betrayed you, this dude. He was your friend?

this fandom.

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Track Title: Let the Last Thing I Hear Be Your Voice

Artist: Askance/Arnalds





let the last thing i hear be your voice - scene [dean winchester, destiel]

and i just remember sitting in the kitchen of the house we were squatting in, waiting for cas to heal or die or i don’t know, and trying to, I don’t know, drown myself in whiskey or something, and sam—sam came in and he just kinda looked at me and said, it’s happening, dean.

it’s over.

and if you wanna be cliché and kiss me at sunset at the grand canyon, well, we’ll do that too, we’ll do anything you want, you just can’t go to sleep on me, okay?


Crying so hysterically. Go away.

I’m crying so hard right now