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Pringle can be so lazy. Sometimes he just opens his mouth and waits for me to put food in.

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is everything expensive or am i just poor

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you know there is a difference between liking/disliking a character as a person and liking/disliking them as a character

and you don’t have to necessarily feel one way about one and feel the same about the other. for example, you could absolutely despise an antagonistic/villainous character for their actions but enjoy them as a character because they’re well-written enough to actually get a reaction out of you

and on another hand you could really like a character’s personality but feel they were implemented in the story poorly or be disappointed in the way the character was written

just you can like one aspect of a character and not another and vice versa

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Dammit Killua focus




can’t get enough of possessive lil KillerKitty and Friendly CutiePup, and their nicknames XD


can’t get enough of possessive lil KillerKitty and Friendly CutiePup, and their nicknames XD

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Track Title: Where is My Mind?

Artist: Pixies

Album: Surfer Rosa


where is my mind? // pixies

your head will collapse
and there’s nothing in it
and you’ll ask yourself,
"where is my mind?"

  • Me looking happily at my cell.
  • My mum: who are you texting with?
  • Me: it's Mew who just shared a new picture look! :D
  • Mum: oh no..
  • Me: why oh no!?
  • Mum: because it's not healthy for you.. It will make you suffer from hypotension..
  • Then I'm near dead by laughing for a while and then..
  • Mum: it's not good with all these "Mew people".
  • Me: they are only 3.
  • Mum: 3 is plentiful. I blame them for you not sleeping at night.
  • I don't think that I have laughed that hard for a long time x'D
  • The worst thing is that it might be true.. The last part.

No matter how dark it is

I know I’m not alone

Moonlight shines upon us




in the mirror.

Did he not realize how messed up the room was in one of the pics? LOL

I love this =) 

Jonas Bjerre in the mirror ;D love these pics!!

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